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Sathya Sai Baba and clairvoyants – from ExBaba Guestbook

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Wed October 22 00:13:52 2008
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Robert Favour

Ever since I have been openly critical on Sai Baba I had to deal with strange adverse forces which I and some clairvoyants mostly attributed to Sai Baba. People that think he is so great: I would say: wait, till you can see his sexual abuse, his fake materialisations, his false play in your mind. Sai Baba is in fact evil, a very dependent, negative being. Do not let this ‘love prophet’ subdue your life with ‘special experiences.’ These experiences hollow you out on the long run, lead you nowhere, but into his tentacles. Wake up, you can think: no grown-up soul would do what he does. If I look at his behaviour, it makes me believe his paranormal abilities have been stolen, do not belong to him. A real good higher being would never do what he does. In fact psychics told me he has stolen many aspects of many special people around him. Look at the blindness of his followers (I have been like that too). His has a vast interest in maintaining his position as the admired avatar, in the ‘wonder’ fabric of Puttaparthi. As a lower, dishonest soul he needs control and that makes him dangerous. You might be his next victim. On my website I have had reactions from all over the world from people with fear for Sai Baba, with feelings he was busy with a private war against them, deluding their minds. He preaches love and truth and does completely the opposite. Do not think there is a deeper meaning to his malicious manipulation. There is not, stay away from this fool. As psychologist, as being terrorized by Sai Baba, as an honest person, my best advice is: do not get intimidated by numbers of people around him, or stories. Look for your deepest truth and notice your contradictory feelings about him. Somewhere you know something is not okay. For you I hope you then can really wake up to the fact that Sai Baba is a dangerous fraud; better not to go there.

Robert Favour



Written by exbaba

November 23, 2008 at 8:43 pm

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  1. yeh this so called Sai is not what he says he is and he will get whats comming to him soon.


    March 4, 2009 at 7:06 pm

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