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Recent postings about Sathya Sai Baba

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Main apologists for Sathya Sai Baba and his cult and cover-ups

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Dr. M. Goldstein stated on the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ that Sathya Sai Baba had told him not to answer any criticisms. Because Goldstein is bound to follow religiously every hint of this Lord and Master, one way to hit back at critics was clearly either through minions willing to avoid the real issues and distract attention from the many crimes involved. This was done through disinformation and false claims by Dr. G. Venkatarman (Head of Radio Sai). Though Dr. G. Venkarataman is a member of the Prashanthi Council, his thoroughly mendacious article about the critics of Sai Baba was a private reaction – he made that clear – and so claimed it was not made on behalf of the Prashanthi Council itself, not of the Sathya Sai Organization either. A strange duplicity when the chief official propagandists for Sai Baba has to present his calumnies and warped, deluded opinions as personal and private! The American Sathya Sai Organization claims to support the truth, decency, speaking softly and sweetly and other good values, is remarkably as silent as the grave about Gerald Moreno’s campaign to support them by attacking all dissidents who dare to speak up, plus their families and friends and spreading this to every other discoverable contact of theirs via the Internet. They are forbidden to write openly about the massive sexual abuse revelations from 1999 onwards and the exposure of the murders in his bedroom on BBC World TV and the Internet, so they rely on Moreno to do their dirty work for them. Meanwhile, not one pro-Sai Baba website dares to make one single link to the extensive Sai Baba critical websites for fear of the facts coming forth to their followers. Knowing what a clandestine and secretive power clique runs the authoritarian International Sathya Sai Organization, with the devious Dr. Michael Goldstein and Dr. G. Venkataraman at its head, they appear satisfied to be defended through ad hominem attacks, character assassination attempts and diverse other underhand methods used by their primary defender. The same deviousness applies to Sathya Sai Baba himself – for with a few words to the leaders of his organization or in public he could denounce Moreno, who breaks his directives for spiritual behaviour.Despite challenges to them from the JuST group of formed devotees, the Prashanthi Council and all Sai Baba officials do not denounce these most ‘unspiritual’ activities or his treatment of former respected devotees.

See also:-
OPEN LETTER TO THE PRASHANTHI COUNCIL BY FORMER OFFICE BEARERS OF THE SATHYA SAI ORGANIZATION Totally ignored by the Prashanthi Council which never replies to ex-followers – any more than it allows frank questions from its own members!
SECOND OPEN LETTER TO THE PRASHANTHI COUNCIL RE THE ORGANIZATION’S SUPPORT OF LIBELERS Also ignored, demonstrating their unaccountable and cultist defensiveness and condoning libels and character assassination made on their behalf.

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

Some comments on Sai Baba and Co.

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07-03-2002 06:27
to Anthony Thomas: Your answer about the meaning of ‘anti-Christ’ excellently summarised the core
of the Sai Baba deception in a very striking and unquestionably true manner. Once a convinced and so-called  ‘much-blessed devotee’, I had long, slowly mounting experience  of disillusionment… which gradually began to kick in seriously about a decade after close contact with Sai Baba – both darshans, interviews, hundreds of dreams, many leelas etc. Years on, my process of liberation from the
clutches of Sai Baba is truly completed now. It was very hard to get in close enough really to see what is behind the security veils. The factual truth also had its way with me, but only because – though a devotional and practising Sai seva worker etc. etc. – I remained an inquirer, one who went both
within and without! It takes considerable qualities of compassion and courage to continue to work selflessly in the public interest against this massive deceit for so many years   – as you have! My gratitude to you is added to all the victims of this self-serving ‘God’! (I prefer still to remain anon. on
this board. It serves our interests and my strategies best.)I am also somewhat impressed by your patience, such as with some of the brainless chickens who peck at what is before their beaks on the site but who can’t even be bothered to cross the road to find out anything for themselves and ask inanely about the most well-documented and accepted
facts! I can no longer suffer fools so well, since there are so many of them and also there are so many others much more deserving of support and answers.
Anthony Thomas
07-03-2002 02:31
Re 2cents 2824 ……..why pick on SSB to be the anti Christ? Is it due to his wealth, number of followers, or
plain pedophilia?None of the above! If this were the criteria, there would be millions of anti-christs!! Anti-christ = a
name used to describe a state of being and goals of one person on Earth).Who could ever prove the existence of an anti-christ? It is not something scientific, that can statistically
add up. It is something one would need to know in their deepest place of spiritual knowing. The only other way of guaging such a thing, would be to look for someone who had many millions of devoted followers that would do his every bidding simply because he said so (denying their own inner gut feelings), who pretended to be light and love itself (including a few worthy projects to help the community), who made people dependant on him (I am god and you must not fall out of favour with me), used lots of words of truth to
obtain that devotion (but meant none of them), and cleverly made himself seem like someone very special (manifesting objects,ash, appearing to people, etc). All the while saying -you are’also’ god – but doing everything possible to make absolutely sure that no-one believed that and left quite sure that it was actually only him that was God.

Long-Time Devotee
07-03-2002 01:22
# 2804 Sekharji asked:
“The Parents are quite deluded and demand that Their Children be devoted to SSB. Some Children believe that telling the Parents is a futile effort and would create much dissension within the family, so They keep quiet.

“…The Parents sent the Boy away, and explained that They knew all about it. They actually said: “Who cares what happens in Puttaparthi? We are running a Center here, that is what is important.” My question to You is: Have You encountered anything like this before? If so, how did You handle it?”
This is a really tough question if a parent or anyone else is determined that sb is God and anything he does is O.K. I know devotees who simply WILL NOT consider that sb can do any wrong. They don’t even listen to their own family members.

These parents were saying that what sb does in Puttaparthi is of no concern to them, even if there are
reports that he molests children there. Apparently these parents only cared about keeping their local sb center running smoothly. I hope Marswalker has an answer for you.

One man (boy?) who wrote his own story had a really good handle on devotees (under the sub-heading “The Denial of Devotees”), the best I’ve read. http://www.snowcrest.net/sunrise/Bright-1.htm

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07-03-2002 12:58
to Anthony Thomas: Most excellent reasoning from you. Since adulthood, I always have held the
attitude as to everyone alive being basically ‘all in the same boat’, so to speak, and treated them accordingly in essence. But some I’d preferably avoid completely! There is an apparent difference within this between you and I in that I do not see everyone as ever quite so helplessly non-responsible for their condition to the degree you appear to. Just possibly, you lay too much weight on the aspect of action (karma) that is conditioned, not on the self-conditioning action (i.e. present
behaviour, which is not determined in itself)?
For these reasons, I find it justified to hold people to their word and hold them to the effects of their words. That is, if they write rubbish, I am free to rubbish this in return. (I very often refrain), But this is one way to learn; it was sometimes done to us by our masters at school and we learned the more
and faster for that! Toughens the mind up without hardening it! Publishing opinions is all about influencing the perceptions of others… these are what one tries to develop (at best) and change by pressures (at worst). When publishing, one has to be aware that one is taking a risk with other
people’s time, feelings, values etc. and so are liable to get reactions that fit one’s actual choice of words. I note that you do delete a number of postings… so your patience is not unending, and I heartily applaud that too!
Anthony Thomas
07-03-2002 09:43
To Informer Re 2830
My heart is truly happy for every person that manages to escape from his clutches. I have a great understanding of just how difficult that is – and how strong people have to be to get through all the fear, doubts, trauma and strong astral energy attachment to finally become free of his energy.I am very grateful for the small part I am able to contribute, but this is really so little compared to so many who work tirelessly to get ‘sb’ finally exposed.

Written by exbaba

October 6, 2009 at 11:52 am

Links posted for reference – Sai Baba sexual abuse allegations

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Written by exbaba

October 5, 2009 at 2:50 pm

Followers still leaving Sathya Sai Baba

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From the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

Manav Sharma of India signed the petition on September 2. 2009.
Period as a follower: Until 2008

I deeply regret returning permanently to India from the US more than a decade ago after consulting “Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba” (BSSB) and obtaining his approval. What has actually transpired over the years and even earlier is too convoluted to elucidate here. Anybody else in my place might have committed suicide by now. However, I have decided to fight and live. I am convinced BSSB is the DEVIL INCARNATE, a ruthless, manipulative con/ fraud with double standards and brilliant oratory skills. On another note, several things come to mind such as BSSB’s highly publicized close association with the following.
1. President Idi Amin, later called the ‘Butcher of Uganda’. Apparently, this was the only foreign trip BSSB made all the way to meet him.
2. Italian Premier Bettino Craxi, subsequently accused of personal corruption in his country’s huge bribery scandal. I am sure his chronic and adequately ‘brainwashed”’ devotees will have a ready, long winded explanation.I believe his sayings mentioned below are nothing but bold faced lies and glib talk akin to what most politicians indulge in.
1. ‘Love of a thousand mothers’.
2. ‘Shed one tear and I will wipe off a thousand’.
3. ‘Take one step towards me and I will take ten towards you’.
When he warned his devotees about not falling to the charisma of any holy man donning saffron robes as they could very well be “ogres in ochre”, was he ironically referring to himself?! Our close family friend had Siddhi powers but never claimed to be an Avatar. A superb singer of Indian Classical music, he could materialize Vibhuti and also transport his cash from home to where he required it. An established devotee at Prashanti Nilayam (I think they actually ought to call it Ashanti Asylum!) who has since passed away, told me that ‘Baba’ called this person his “pocket edition” and even asked him to give a discourse on his behalf. I don’t know if he did or what happened thereafter, but this self effacing genius could easily have started an Ashram and announced himself to be God incarnate.

Webmaster’s Note: Though ExBaba.com does not support ther idea that there is such a thing as a Devil Incarnate, or have an opinion on whether siddhi powers can exist, we do allow the expression of opinions which are not permitted on any of the many Sai Baba web sites.

Written by exbaba

October 5, 2009 at 10:33 am