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Sonya Ki Tomlinson – arrogant commercial spiritual artist

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The following message was posted on the comments board on wordpress by someone signing herself ‘sonya ki’. The e-mail address given did not exist, but a search on Google showed who this sonya ki is. Here is the submission to this site’s comment board, directed at Robert Priddy, who provides much of the material which this site promotes by links:-

Sai Love
Submitted on 2011/08/29 at 9:23 pm

Mr. Priddy 
I pity you. All your venomous remarks and concocted delusions can never diminish the Glory and Love that is Sai Avatar. I am so happy that I can with full faith and conviction declare that I have personally experienced the healing and miracles of God Incarnate – BHAGAVAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA!
There is nothing that your maya-ridden mind and personality can say or do that can infect those who have personally witnessed and experienced the tremendous Love, Service, Sacrifice and Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of Bhagavan Baba.
I just pray that the Light of Divine Love will pierce the dreadful, all-consuming darkness that plagues you now. And that Bhagavan Baba in His infinite mercy will grant you the overwhelming experience of His Love and rescue you from yourself.
Lots of Prema 
sonya ki

To this I – Robert Priddy – would reply:- Why do Sai devotees almost always use false e-mail addresses when attacking dissidents? Or omit their surnames? I take it to be a kind of cowardice combined with a spiteful desire to throw dirt but protect oneself from any reply. Those devotees who are unable to smash the mirror hall in which they have ensconced themselves thereby show they have no conscience as regards all the sexually abused victims of Sai Baba, nor his students who were murdered under his very nose on his brother’s demand to the police. He never lived his teachings: He never lifted a range of mountains, nor flew through the air unaided, nor cleaned up India, nor any of the other huge boasts he made… a pitiful self-heralded “World Saviour” indeed! Despite his prophesies of living to over 90 years – he died a decade earlier – probably from AIDS – and ignominiously for a self-proclaimed Divine Avatar.  He cried out ‘Please help me’ to devotees while he was being taken to hospital (Minister Nagi Reddy’s testimony). His trusted servitors on the Sai Trust discussed burying him alive… until they realized this would not be taken very well even by many followers! All the evidence of pre-planning for the funeral, casket, security, visits by luminaries etc. indicates most strongly that they decided among themselves well in advance that he should expire on Easter Sunday (i.e. disconnect him from life support)  to try to support the illusion many had that he was Christ come again… or, if not that,  that he was the Father who sent Jesus to earth (as her openly pronounced in a famous discourse!). Sonya Ki Tomlinson is unaware, it seems, that I knew Sathya Sai Baba through 18 years and had much of the same faith as she professes, wrote a popular pro-Sai book describing my unusual experiences (which he blessed)  until I learned the truth despite myself. Since then there is no excuse for not re-examining everything… but it takes some self-insight and a lot of self-sacrifice too! For starters, one small thing, one would have to stoptrying to make money selling art about Sathya Sai Baba and his ‘stories’.

Since the above was written Sonya Ki has tried desperately (in vain) to post her reply on robertpriddy.wordpress.com – entering the same comment on all of 21 different pages, and signed anonymously (‘Sai seva’) in each case and with yet another e-mail address… but the IP signature 70.119.200… gives her away again. One wonders why she tries to hide her identity, and so ineffectively… perhaps she has not the courage of her convictions. See:-

Submitted on 2011/09/13 at 6:29 am

Just as Lucifer who was once very close to the Great and Wondrous Light of Father Sai. And who like you suffered an abysmal fall and lost the light once entrusted to him. So poor priddy lies in the pathetic paranoid darkness howling up at the moon, foaming at the mouth; rabidly and jealously attacking those Lightbearers who have kept Truth, Faith, Love,Peace, Dharma and Nonviolence close to their hearts, minds and bodies.
Pray for poor priddy. Send him Love. Sai is in him too.

This is a typical kind of laughably sin-fundamentalist response from head-in-sand Sathya Sai Baba devotees who cannot understand that anyone can have the strength of conviction strong enough to leave a guru who has turned out to be one of the greatest deceivers and criminals in modern Indian history. Putting on a show of prayer and pity towards me, Priddy, Sonya Ki Tomlinson is actually attacking me… not untypical of the hypocrisy of many Sai followers. She imagines “Sai is in him too” – but this is another delusion all believers have to embrace. I often heard very similar things said of others when I was a leader in the Sathya Sai Organization, always with a disparaging attitude. This is a clear sign of the antipathetic mindset that Sathya Sai Baba called a deep sin, telling all devotees never to criticise or disparage others in thought, word or deed, only examine oneself instead. I followed that advice myself for a long, long time myself… but since I saw the light again, I feel free to make critical comments in the interests of truth. Tomlinson should look to herself, and she should stop trying to profit from selling Sathya Sai Baba’s form (according to the guru’s own instructions) as she does in her paintings… IF she thinks of herself as a devotee (more’s the shame since the facts emerged) and imagines she is ‘Saiseva’ – i.e. a selfless server in the name of Sai. ) She uses a capital letter for her own signature, but writes my name only in lower case… what a revealing detail of what is in her heart, and how immature!
A similar point was made in another comment from an ex-follower in the Netherlands, which I copy here:-

chrisdokter.wordpress.com x
Submitted on 2011/09/10 at 10:27 pm
Hear, hear, Robert.
Ecce homo.
I think you’re right: cowardice is rampant in attacks like mrs. Tomlinson’s. Her paintings of Sai Baba are, as far as I’m concerned, as fanciful and lacking in skill and critical self-scrutiny as her ostensibly loving but in fact quite vicious attacks both on you as a fellow human being and on your well-documented arguments against blind faith in the now deceased guru. The prices of her ‘paintings’ are as outrageous as her vilifications. It’s the same old story it would seem: a sorry state of unfounded imagination and feeling infinitely superior, being endowed with ‘special’, unquestionable knowledge and experience, which you, me and other mere mortals are sorely lacking.


Written by exbaba

September 8, 2011 at 11:28 am

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