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Major sabotage attempt against critics by Sai Baba fanatic

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Major sabotage attempt by Mutrali Krishna Yachendra A former Sathya Sai College student and teacher – Murali Krishna Yachendra who sent one-hundred-plus e-mails in his campaign of lies to sabotage the Sai Petition and critics of Sathya Sai Baba. See selection of his e-mails here

Support for this massive deceiver from deceiver Gerald Joe Moreno

Basava Premanand’s report on the Yachendra attack

The number of errors, inaccuracies, absurdities, mistaken viewpoints, slanders, lies and other redundant waste matter of the ever-expanding websites of Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno has caused him  to modify and delete pages whenever he no longer wishes it known what he has written. Yet he never deletes pages which have been shown to be full of untruth, wrong facts and unsupported and unsupportable lies! Among some of the many dozens of such pages, his original (laughably called) ‘Frequently Asked Questions ‘page (see below). It contains strange statements about himself, his viewpoint and so forth. However, these can be seen to have become a heavy liability to him, so he has deleted it in the hope of limiting his self-damage. As one may see below, Moreno transparently pretends he is “the only type of person who can present a balanced view into the Sathya Sai Baba debate”! Yet since he began, Joe Moreno has presented a TOTALLY one-sided defense of Sathya Sai Baba and all still connected with him.

That Moreno claims to have had “many positive, powerful, spiritual experiences with SSB” need not have stopped him reaching a balanced view, as it did not with many other much closer and long-term devotees who left Sai Baba in disgust, but a look at any page or any posting written by him will confirm that he is totally and fanatically one-sided (excepting his belief that Sai Baba is a sexual abuser, see below!).

Gerald Moreno's answer to what he imagines are Frequently Asked Questions, on his vishvarupa.com website

Defense of Sai Baba sex abuse by Moreno - from the FAQ om his vishvarupa.com website (page since removed!)

So this is plain and simple self-deception and hogwash. Yet Moreno claims – on the cusp of the sickening – that he would not go “to the extent of making excuses for SSB (as devotees generally do)”! He goes to that extent and far beyond it… so much for his hypocrisy. He defends Sai Baba as a sexual abuser, and others too! He makes NOTHING BUT excuses for SSB and his devotees and he NEVER utters a word of criticism of him or any of them we can find in his many hundreds of pages of contorted arguments and studied irrelevancies! This demonstrates where Joe really is at, though no one can quite figure what kind of delusive disorder he labors under.
Despite his boast, he has not successfully refuted ONE SINGLE FACT put forward about Sai Baba and his movement by the main exposé activists (eg. on this website, on ExBaba.com or Saiguru.net to name the main current sites). His main form of attack is the argumentum ad hominem, including defamatory dirt-digging, and demonstrably false and vicious libels one can find on the internet, all backed by some of the most obvious attempts at avoidance of the issue, pettifogging irrelevancy and stubborn impertinence. May those who have the misfortune to come across his materials judge for themselves whether he is fair, balanced or presents any case-relevant facts or sound documentation on real issues.

Why is Gerald Moreno unable to contact most of the alleged sexual abuse victims? Firstly, he has disqualified himself from their trust by trying unfairly to discredit and slander many of them – some in most vile terms (eg. Said Khoramshhagol). Moreno sets out to defame in puerile ways many of those who defend the victims of Sai Baba’s acts and deceptions, (see his blog defaming Sanjay Dadlani) and slanders and/or calculated lies about Reinier van der Sandt, Barry Pittard, Robert Priddy, Dave Lyons, Alexandra Nagel, and others, including all of us who have posted on this website.
Moreno’s main way of forwarding his alleged “balanced view” is to smear his opponents with lies and false claims and ignore every point which he is unable to twist and misrepresent.

Secondly he has shown such antipathy and total lack of sensitivity towards alleging victims of sexual abuse.He tries to undermine every account made frankly and bravely by persons- even under threats to their lives. No one who realises who and whatGerald Moreno is truly like would have anything to do with him. He has harassed two young Swedish men who were molested by Sai Baba, postingtheir e-mails without permission – and trying his worst to discredit

Moreno’s complaints against the Rahms,which he has spread out through numerous web pages, bulletin boards,
and e-mails have been answeredmost graciously by Al Rahm. Yet Moreno goes on libelling Alaya Rahm,whose accounts the BBC investigated and defended against legal interference by Dr. M. Goldstein of the Sai Organization. One may wonder why Moreno is so terribly engaged in this issue. Evidently he is struggling to believe that he was not himself sexually groomed by Sai Baba when his pants were taken down had oil was applied (allegedly only) to his “lower stomach”. This is a typical avoidance by some involved of stating precisely where the oil was actually applied. It is also of some note that Moreno states he was a devotee of Sai Baba for 8 years,but ceased to be so. Why he defected after such “positive, powerful spiritual experiences” as he claims, he has refused to explain.Yet Joe’s agenda is 100% clear, to deny and defy all facts according to his overwhelming obsession – to defend Sai Baba religiously at the cost of both the truth and normal human decency.
Part of his motivation is his intense denial that he was sexually molested by Sai Baba. Gerald Moreno and “oiling between the pubic area and the navel”

The ‘genital switch’ variously reported by several sexually molested ex-devotees of Sai Baba makes no different to the functionality of a penis. Hermaphrodites can have a fully functional penis, in addition to a vaginal opening. This is exactly what hermaphroditism consists in! Like this, Moreno is always trying to prove a point and shows he doesn’t understand properly what he is talking about. Click here to see the reply to Moreno’s baseless discrediting of Alaya Rahm.

Further to the above, Gerald Moreno has been caught out trying to defame Barry Pittard, another critics of Sathya Sai Baba, as a criminal. Moreno had to retract his statements because he feared legal reprisal. Click here
Compared to the slanderous ad hominem and contrived, fallacious arguments of Moreno, the elevated standard of writing and opinion of Barry Pittard is easily seen at his blog calling for media and governments to investigate Sai Baba and his cult at http://barrypittard.wordpress.com/

Moreno was forced off Wikipedia by an indefinite ban supported unanimously by all six administrators see http://www.saibabaexpose.com/MorenoNoMore.htm


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