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Discussion on Major spiritual or religious issues

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Does the brain create God, as some New Age proselytizers of new spirituality claim? A new discipline referred to as ‘neurophilosophy’ has been promoted by evolutionists like A.C. Grayling – also by geneticists and neuroscientists. Their serious and fully scientifically oriented discipline attempts to interpret the results of neurology in terms of human experience and ideologies. It is specifically NOT related to the hybrid science-mysticism of ‘neurotheology’ as promoted by Iona Miller, which is examined critically from a philosophical aspect.

Distinctions drawn between ATHEISM and AGNOSTICISM plus SECULARISM and NON-THEISM so as better to clarify different standpoints often misunderstood.

Religious fanaticism is, as everyone knows, rife throughout most of the world. Mainstream religions have their fanatics just as do the many sects and, above all, cults. The most vocal and articulate critics of a religion, sect or cult are singled out by those who wish to blacken their characters in an act of revenge, such as has been studied here.


Written by exbaba

August 18, 2010 at 4:17 pm

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