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Lying smears against critics – Gerald Moreno

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Robert Priddy recently commented on Gerald Moreno’s trivial and deeply untruthful  blog in which he attacks Priddy as having believed what most Sai Baba devotees still believe even after the widespread exposure of his unholy acts from 2000 onwards – for example, that he is Allah who sent Muhammed [which Priddy has never believed or stated anywhere]. Here is what Moreno wrote:-

Moreno attacks what most Sai Baba devotees still believe!

Here is what Priddy wrote about the above smears:–

Moreno went to India seeking God in Sathya Sai Baba. He proclaims that Baba is ‘vishvarupa’ – i.e. an incarnate form of God. He still believes in Sai Baba’s divinity, witnessed by his endless adulatory blogs (despite having believed for years he is a sexual abuser!). Though I formerly considered Sai Baba an avatar with divine qualities, I never hailed him as Father of Jesus – simply reported that he had made that claim. Never have I hailed him as Allah who sent Muhammad [perish the thought! – this is an outright falsification (or at best false memory syndrome on Moreno’s behalf?) Moreno distorts everything. Amusing that he seems not to see that he offends all those alleged millions who still believe Sai Baba is all he claims to be, clearly implying that they are all mentally unsound! Since 2000, they are in denial, though, and many have a cognitive disorder, as Moreno certainly shows he has.

See the rest of Priddy’s blog on Moreno’s triviality and slander attacks here


Written by exbaba

December 12, 2009 at 1:20 pm

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